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Our Services

With our many available services on offer, we are sure you will find what you are looking for. If it's not on the list please inquire as we do offer many other Multi-Media services and conversion & transfer options.

Our services we offer:

  • DVD, CD and VHS Replication and Duplication
  • Mini-DVD conversion to DVD
  • SD flash cards conversion to DVD
  • VHS and Beta conversion to DVD
  • Cine 8mm/16mm and Cine Super 8 conversion to DVD with Audio
  • MiniDV, Hi-8, VHS-C and 8mm to DVD (All formats are Camera Tapes)
  • NTSC (American) to PAL (South Africa) Conversion
  • Audio Cassette's and LP's to CD/DVD (Audio)
  • Photo's and Slides to CD/DVD (JPEG or Format specific Slideshow)
  • Photo and Slide Rejuvenation
  • We also transfer/convert all of the above to PC/Mac related formats and deliver them on either DVD, CD or USB flash stick. (AVI, Divx, MP4, VOB etc. and Audio MP3, Wav, AIFF etc.)
  • We also offer Videography and Photograhy for all Events

If what you are looking for is not on our list of services contact us and we will gladly try our best to assist you.